Monday, February 14, 2011

The Bookmarking Continues...

More work done for Gus' bookmark empire. Here are the next two bookmark citizens. 

Very soon, all will be available on the Etsy Store. 

Coming up in March, the weekend of the 18th through the 20th, to be precise, I will be at C2E2 in 
Artists Alley.  If you would like a sketch, or more involved picture of Goose for your  very own, 
you can contact me here, or come see me there. :)  (I can also draw an elf and a faery if pressed)
My table location is E9,  and I'll be there with the sultry and mysterious Jessica Hickman. All the 
cats and dogs will be represented at our table in the form of Goose, Space Quint and his trusty 
sidekick Polly. 
Come see us! That's an order. 

And now, for your viewing pleasure... Our Sister of the Red Star Blanket. 

At times, she is a little shy. 

Have a wonderful Monday!  Goose gives it 4 paws up!

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